Controlled vocabularies,
thesauri and classification systems available
in the WWW. DC Subject

4 Subject

The qualifiers below are recommended for the Subject element :

  • DC.Subject.unqualified
    • Définition: The topic of the content of the resource.
    • Commentaire: Typically, a Subject describe a topic of the resource.
  • DC.Subject.keywords
    • Définition: a Subject will be expressed as keywords, key phrases.
  • DC.Subject.controlled vocabulary
    • Définition: The Subject will be expressed as controlled vocabulary.
  • DC.Subject.classification
    • Définition: The Subject will be expressed as classification codes that describe a topic of the resource.

Thesauri and other controlled vocabularies, available for the choice of (controlled) terms

Generalities. (All subjects. Library and information sciences, Media, Computing)

Philosophy and psychology


Social sciences. (Economics, Law, Government, Society, Environment, Education, Commerce)

Language. (Linguistics, Languages)

Natural sciences and mathematics. (Astronomy, Physics, Chemistry, Earth sciences, Biology)

Technology (Applied sciences). (Medicine, Engineering, Agriculture)

The arts. (Architecture, Fine arts, Graphic arts, Music)

Literature and rhetoric

Geography and history

General vocabulary tools, available for the choice of words

Authority lists:

  • To look up vocabulary from many thesauri use the LC Subject Authority File (Select Database: Subject Authority File)
  • To look up the correct form of names (as subjects) use the LC Name Authority File (Select Database: Name Authority File)

Lexical tools (English):

Lexical FreeNet (compute relations between concepts, shortest conceptual path, uses semantic relations from WordNet and statistical analyses of large corpora)
Plumb Design Visual Thesaurus (visualized thesaurus, accesses WordNet to display a given word graphically connected to related words)
Experimental WWW interface to the WordNet 1.5 lexical database, at ILRT, Bristol (for synonyms etc. to plain English words)
WordNet 1.6 on the Web - a Lexical Database for English (Princeton)
Alternative search interfaces to WordNet
Roget's Internet Thesaurus (English synonym reference, words and phrases)
Wordsmyth English Dictionary-Thesaurus (definitions, synonyms)


Dictionaries (The Linguist List)
OneLook Dictionaries, The Faster Finder(search 350 dictionaries in one step)
Wordbot (translations , synonyms, references)
WWWebster Thesaurus and dictionary

Classification schemes, available for the choice of categories and notations

Automatic Dewey classification of HTML pages, OCLC, now only available for CORC users

List of other schemes not freely and/or digitally available:
USMARC Code List for Relators, Sources, Description Conventions. (Part III: Classification Sources and Part IV: Subject/Index Term Sources; these documents are currently under revision for a new edition).

Knowledge Organization Schemes. Registred by Alexander Sigel

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Last update: 2000-10-11

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